Executive Escape and Entry (E³) Training

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Surreptitious Entry and Restraint Escape Training


All training instruction, meals, and lodging takes place on our 32 acre remote facility called Gray Lodge in the heart of Georgia.


3 Day - Executive, Escape and Entry (E3) - All Inclusive Training

Topics Covered Include:

  • Detailed techniques supporting the defeat of common restraints
  • Introduction handcuffs/flex-cuffs and their variants
  • Introduction of commercial and improvised tools for the defeat of restraints.
  • Evening Equipment load out exercises with practical evaluations
  • Advanced Handcuff and restraint lecture and demonstrations with extensive hands-on 
  • Escape from restraint scenario based exercises
  • Introductory Lecture on Lock Picking and Covert Entry Concepts
  • Exercises on advanced lock entry (commercial and improvised tools)
  • Hands on exercises with alternate locking systems (tubular, disc, wafer, dimple, combination, etc)
  • Introductory Lecture on advanced forms of bypass
  • Continuation of advanced forms of bypass to included bumping, shimming, loiding, hands on exercises
  • Methods of Entry (and Exit), case examples of sophisticated bypass

All Training includes:

  • Two Open Bays for Sleeping, 8 per bay w/double beds
  • 3 meals a day plus snacks and non-alcoholic drinks (beer runs do happen)
  • 3 days of intense hands on instruction
  • All classroom expendables are provided
  • All students will leave with an extensive training kit valued at over $300
  • Travel from and to Atlanta Airport if required (We typically leave the airport Thursday when the last student arrives and return Sunday in time for the first scheduled departure)