Titanium EDC Pry Tool

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Titanium EDC Pry Tool

Machined entirely from God’s metal, pure USA 6AL4V Titanium.  Unlike many EDC tools on the market, this one is large enough to actually use; from prying tasks to the coolest way to open a beer. The terraced working end provides a better nonslip surface when used for prying; far more effective than a regular chisel grind.  Contoured side grips provide for a non-slip grip even under the wettest of conditions.  The solid Titanium construction provides for a completely nonmagnetic, non-corrosive lightweight construction. Due to the design of the Pry Tool, it can be carried in several ways; in the pocket with the integral clip, slid into and retention with 1 channel of MOLLE, or added onto a lanyard. With a non-glare bead blast finish, this will easily be your coolest EDC tool.

Total length, width, height: 4" x 1" x 1/4"

Total weight:  .1 lb/ .045 kg

Made in the U.S.A/ Berry Compliant

Product total weight 1 oz.