Hard Case Survival


Phone: 804-543-9368


Hard Case Survival was founded in 2004 by Air Force SERE Specialist, Jeff Reagan, to fulfill SERE and survival related needs with an emphasis on E&E gear. 100% Veteran owned and operated, we at Hard Case Survival have prided ourselves in exceeding these demands all while manufacturing in the USA.

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Bulk Orders:                        

 Email or fax your order request and we will send you a distributor price quote within 24 hours



Most orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail; please request UPS or FedEx if required for security reasons.                          

Orders typically ship within 1-3 Business Days.



Payments are accepted via Credit Card, Google Shopping Cart, PayPal or Wire Transfer. We accept phone and email orders, feel free to call us with any questions, concerns, or kit modification requests.                        

We accept purchase orders and contracts for purchase from most local, state, federal and military organizations.