8 Piece Folding Pocket Set

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8 Piece Folding Pocket Set

The locking lever needs only to be pushed up 90 degrees to allow the 8 picks to drop down. When tightened the locking lever positively locks all picks so firmly that the tool can be used right side up or upside down. Removal of the tension tool from its storage slot is accomplished with a simple push in the thumb slot. The tool will snap out into your hand, no broken thumbnails! The 8 picks can be removed and changed in less than 30 seconds and requires no tools.

Upon request we can modify the "Jack Knife" lock picks to better fit your needs.

  • #02 - Small Diamond
  • #05 - Single Ball
  • #08 - Short Hook (flat top)
  • #11 - Snake (3/7 raker)
  • #12 - Camel Back
  • #13 - Saw Tooth
  • #15- Half Double Ball
  • #9E - FALE Reach
  • Bullnose Tension Tool

Made In The USA

 If for any reason this product fails return item for a free repair or replacement.