Kwikset Smartkey Field-Tryout Set

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This is a "Tryout Key Set" for the Kwikset Smartkey locks, designed from scratch by Pat at Uncensored Tactical. There was a previous tryout set on the market consisting of 256 keys that claimed to open up "98%" of currently installed Smartkey locks. This UTAC "Field-Tryout" set accomplishes the capability of opening up 100% of the Kwikset Smartkey bitting profiles in only 243 keys (13 less than the other set available on the market). 

For a simple administrative entry, this product takes a maximum of around 20 minutes to try all of the keys in this set. Your entry may occur with the very first key, all the way up to the very last key. So, the timeline is anywhere up to* 20 minutes; as long as there are no other environmental factors like operator error, or a damaged or weathered lock, etc.

Product features:

  • 243 specialty cut "Tryout Keys".
  • Comes in a custom designed field-use fanny pack.
  • Custom patches (one for the fresh key pouch, and one for the discarded key pouch).
  • A key-lanyard for when you find a working key, you can immediately physically isolate the working key and then zip up your pouches without having to do any cleanup during operations, leaving the correct key easy to find within your pouch. 
  • A long-format data sheet is also included in your purchase by scanning a QR code that is delivered within each package, for use in troubleshooting processes as well as for advanced "Key Generation" efforts. 
  • Keys come stamped front and back with clear readable "Tryout Key #'s" for use when future access is required, and for troubleshooting and documentation processes. 

This is not designed to be an "EDC" fanny pack, and it is not intended to give you tunnel vision to force this tool when other better options are available during an entry. But, when a keyway attack is your best option for a Kwikset Smartkey lock, this is an incredibly powerful tool to have on hand. 

If you have any problems with this set or any improvement ideas, please email for information regarding this item. 


No warranty provided. However, please contact via email: immediately for any quality control issues for this product! Thank you :)

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