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OSS Micro S.E.R.E Kit

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OSS Micro S.E.R.E Kit

OSS Mini 5 pc. Lock Pick Set;

  • Tension Tool
  • Saw Blade
  • #9 Hook
  • #E6 Bogota Rake
  • #12 Rake

Black Case (56mm x 35mm x 10mm)

  •  Signal mirror 35mm x 50mm w/silver 3M signal panel on rear
  •  10 ft Kevlar string, Green on flat bobbin.
  •  EZ Decoder
  •  Quick Stick
  •  S/S Key Style Split Pawl Shim
  •  Razor Blade, Black
  •  Flint Rod and Cap
  •  Metal handcuff key
  •  14mm mini oil filled compass

IR Signaling Expansion

  • 1x1 IR Square
  • IR Cyalume Light Stick

Bogota Everyday Carry Book

14 page training manual with detailed graphics and basic instructions on Bogota's, Quick Sticks, EZ Decoders and Handcuff Shims.